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    Worst part about Cave Story?

    Yeah, the only alternative I can think of is that somehow Kanpachi is in on Momorin's little resistance effort and has somehow been ferrying messages back and forth between her hideout and the Jail without getting caught... That presumes a lot for a character who apparently just doesn't want to...
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    The Machine Gun Hack

    Okay, I went back and uncapitalized it. Again, I appreciate the feedback.
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    Worst part about Cave Story?

    Worst thing about Cave Story? The fact that the path to the good ending has very few hints, is often counterintuitive, and is generally nigh impossible to find without a walkthrough. Never in a million years would I have figured out on my own that you could save Booster's life by ignoring him...
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    Platform Story [demo seven]

    ...And now I just noticed that I was playing the demo the whole time. That explained why it got to a point where I couldn't advance without it crashing. You should edit the actual release into the OP, not just drop it in a new reply at the bottom... EDIT: Nevermind, the other link crashes in...
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    Not sure if there's still any interest here, but here's my 2¢ This "Construct2" doesn't sound like it makes sense for something like this. It looks like GameMaker: already a streamlined rapid development tool for prototypes or simple games. You might try to put together a sorta decent-ish...
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    The Machine Gun Hack

    Crappity crap, I think Windows XP might have inserted that automatically at some point. I did most of my editing and playtesting on Linux Mint (using WINE to run the game), but I loaded my WinXP Virtualbox VM a few times as a sanity test to make sure it was running correctly on actual Windows...
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    The Machine Gun Hack

    My first mod. The origin of this mod, is that I wanted to do a challenge run where you complete the good ending while wearing the Mimiga Mask, using only Machine Gun powered flight to do acrobatics in Last-Cave-Hidden and Hell that were meant to be done with the Booster 2.0. However, that was...
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    True Hell 2 (Version 3 Now Available)

    I just played this mod. And well... I noticed you said not to use Doukutsu Trainer. However, on the other hand, you didn't say anything about not using Hourglass :awesomeface: so... [TAS] Cave Story "True Hell 2" mod (v3) in 1:28 in-game time This is probably one of the few games where...