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  1. Nameisnotname

    Horrible Cave Story review

    Well that would explain it... Heh, I must remember to read the whole thing next time.
  2. Nameisnotname

    Horrible Cave Story review

    Makes me want to say "Obvious troll is obvious" to the whole damn thing. I stopped reading about half way through. This person obviously does not understand anything about gaming. Or that CAVE STORY IS BRILLIANT
  3. Nameisnotname

    Show off your org music...

    Well, it's been a long (long!) time since I posted here, but I'd like to upload a song that I've been working on the past week, Resonance Probably going to work on it a little more, but it'll be uploaded to 8bc sometime during the weekend. I must also go back and listen to all the (awesome, I'm...
  4. Nameisnotname

    The Wish-Granting Game

    Granted, it's past that fullstop there. I wish for a random superpower with efficient usefulness.
  5. Nameisnotname

    OW. one of my threds got on the S.P.O.T threds

    Yeah, sorry, I didn't mean to cause offense to those who are educated, which plainly you are. Apologies, my bad.
  6. Nameisnotname

    OW. one of my threds got on the S.P.O.T threds

    I agree with you whole heartedly. Unfortunately, this is the internet, populated in part by uneducated twelve year olds with nothing better to do than troll forums. (I know it says his age is 16, but all I can say is again, this is the internet) No offense to the new guy, but from what I've seen...
  7. Nameisnotname

    If the characters had voice-acting...

    I can actually see that working. And Ellen McLain as Curly could work. Uh, several small children to voice mimigas (don't take this out of proportion ANY)... Noxid, as Proffessor Booster. How about the original voice actor for Jak from the Jak and Daxter series for King? That's it for now I...
  8. Nameisnotname

    The Wish-Granting Game

    Granted, it's really, really good. But everything else is utterly shit by comparison. I wish I had an iPhone, that doesn't cause me to die of anything, or is broken in any way. Or does anything to my friends and family.
  9. Nameisnotname

    Should Cave Story be an anime?

    Re: If Cave Story Was an Anime... I thought Advent Children was a pretty good movie, actually. Even if it was CGI, not anime. EDIT: I think Mother 3 could work, maybe. Be interesting to see how someone would portray some of the enemies :p
  10. Nameisnotname

    Personality Puzzle

    Uh.. Does the cow possibly symbolise whyme? Otherwise, I'm stumped or it's some new member I haven't met.
  11. Nameisnotname

    Should Cave Story be an anime?

    Re: If Cave Story Was an Anime... I'm thinking that if it was, there's probably only two outcomes. One: It could be really, really shit. Two: It could actually be good. In any case, I haven't seen much anime, I prefer manga. Maybe it'd work better like that. Would certainly be easier to portray...
  12. Nameisnotname


    Hell, if I'd been able to do that, I'd still have half of those games now. God, I miss Team Buddies as well.
  13. Nameisnotname


    All the 5 Crash Bandicoot games on the PS1. Those definitely kept me entertained for hours on end. And then there's Spyro. Clocked the first and second one, but I regret never finishing the third. I'm hoping they all come out on the PS Store so I can buy them again, for nostalgia's sake. And...
  14. Nameisnotname

    Live Action Cave Story Movie.

    I'm wondering how much CGI is going to be hypothetically thrown into this.
  15. Nameisnotname

    Does everyone just come onto your profile to post :J?

    Does everyone just come onto your profile to post :J?