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  • Hi again. I saw your favorite title was 3D classics Twinbee, and I was wondering if I should get it.
    It's free? Nobody ever told me this! I apologize for being so misinformed, sir.
    Oh, a Zelda game. I don't really keep track of the upcoming Zelda games, so I wouldn't know the name >.<
    Well, I guess I'll check it out, depending on my 3DS balance, I may or may not get it O_O
    Never heard of it. Well, the only games I have physical copies of is Ocarina of Time, and the only games I'm planning to get are Cave Story 3D and Paper Mario. This of course isn't including the Ambassador games.
    Ohai, I registered you an my 3DS, here is my friend code: 1332-7711-7601
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