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Hey there, (hopefully) friendly person!
Thanks for having time to read this.

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As for CS modding, I have quite some knowledge on TSC, enough to to stuff I suppose. ASM is a bit too much for me though.

I have the WiiWare and 3DS E-Shop version of Cave Story(and of course the original PC version)

3DS Friend code:4012-3595-5165 (Please notify me if you want to add me)
Nintendo Network/Miiverse/Wii U ID: MichaelNED. Feel free to friend me, but please let me know that you are from here.
Sep 26, 1998 (Age: 21)
Under sea level or something
Favorite Game/Series
The LoZ series, Smash Bros, the Final Fantasy series and of course Cave story.




Insert witty remark here.
Color Story: My first actually creative mod.

Metronari: ModCon 2016 entry, rated 7th out of 19 overall, and 6th on technical.