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Recent content by minecraftstorymodefan

  1. minecraftstorymodefan

    Cave Story GM

    Isnt Cave Story already made in GameMaker?
  2. minecraftstorymodefan

    Im going to a road trip with my family for 4 days.

    Im going to a road trip with my family for 4 days.
  3. minecraftstorymodefan

    gacha cave story pics

    Time for a announcment for -127, the comic is moving along. Since Luni (the creator of Gacha Life) announced Gacha Life 2 i figured that i will continue making the comic in Gacha Life 2 while the first 276 panels (the ones that are currently made.) are created in Gacha Life 1 all other panels...
  4. minecraftstorymodefan

    Based on the title of the mod its gonna be a shovelware mod that you will regret making like...

    Based on the title of the mod its gonna be a shovelware mod that you will regret making like those last 2 mods you made. The "Demon Crown" resurrection mods are bad. Ballos soul powers the immorality of the crown, Quote destroyed Ballos soul destroying the demon crown lifting the curse. This is...
  5. minecraftstorymodefan

    @Mister.Hex -127

    @Mister.Hex -127
  6. minecraftstorymodefan

    Phew did 25 panels today.

    Phew did 25 panels today.
  7. minecraftstorymodefan

    What Do You Play Games On

    i use PC, XBOX 1 & 360 for gaming.
  8. minecraftstorymodefan

    gacha cave story pics

    -127 is being delayed and on hold yep you heard it right and let me tell you the reasons: 1. Disk Space: The Problem is resolved i just had to uninstall Half Life 2 Episode 2 and Source Test so i dont have to divide it into parts. 2. Glitches in Gachalife: Gachalife has been glitching today so i...
  9. minecraftstorymodefan


    (Breaths in) Minecraft.
  10. minecraftstorymodefan


    Isnt Cave Story already a open world game?
  11. minecraftstorymodefan

    I know the feeling.

    I know the feeling.
  12. minecraftstorymodefan

    Your Timeless Games List & Stories

    Games in the Cave Story universe i would be playing again -Cave Story -Half Life -Half Life 2 ep 1 -Half Life 2 ep 2 -Half Life 2 ep 3 (if it ever releases:hoppy: welp time to play the fanmade version) -Portal Games in other universes: -Undertale -Wall-e the game -Toy Story 3 the game -Deltarune...
  13. minecraftstorymodefan

    gacha cave story pics

    March-June i spent working on -127 (and playing games.) Here is a preview: by the estimated time this will release. It will release around July. I think i have to divide the comic into parts cuz my disk space is 278% I hope your looking forward for the comic.
  14. minecraftstorymodefan

    128 Endings Mod

    The Quote Parable.