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    No Music or Sound

    The only things I haven't tried is reinstall, get new speakers, and get a new soundcard. It isn't the speakers, since I can still hear things in videos such as Youtube. Before I consider getting a new soundcard, I'm going to try to reinstall. do I do that?
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    No Music or Sound

    Still not working...other games I've downloaded have also stopped having their sounds work as well.
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    Dead frontier

    Hey, that where my main community is... Actually, I've been there for a year now and I don't plan on leaving. It's actually a great community, kind of like this one, except people post more often there. Gamewise, starting is a lot easier than it used to be. You start off with more money, and...
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    Making up Words to the Songs

    Sadly, I've only ever thought up lyrics to the songs from the first Remix Project.
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    From the forums of the game website Dead Frontier. There's more bad grammar there than 1337...

    From the forums of the game website Dead Frontier. There's more bad grammar there than 1337 speak, but it works fine either way. It doesn't matter though, I've stuck with that community for a year now and still go there.
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    Misery's staff

    Well anyway... Besides, if you get the Good Ending:
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    Misery and Balrog's Relationship

    I've always thought of them as a sort of brother-sister relationship. They mess with each other all the time, pleasure themselves at the other's misfortune, and bicker the crap out of each other. It would explain why both Balrog and Misery are affected by the Crown, seeing as they're related...
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    What if Quote were in Super Smash Bros?

    Chaco would be an Assist Trophy, and would either: a) Throw Lipsticks at everyone. b) Would charge up her attack, then pop up next to a random fighter and make them fall asleep in a bed. After they wake up, Chaco will still be in the bed, and attacking her and the bed until she gets knocked off...
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    What if Quote were in Super Smash Bros?

    He wouldn't have Booster, he would have Machinegun, and it would be Down+B. I'm sure they have to let him in anyway. They let in Pit, who's latest game was from the 80's/no one's ever heard of his newer games, and Olimar. The game devolpers must have overdosed and passed out while they were...
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    Top Ten Most Moving Video Game Tracks

    Video game tracks, in order of the video list:
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    Top Ten Most Moving Video Game Tracks Most of them are a sad kind of emotionaly-moving tracks, but this video does the job nevertheless.
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    No Music or Sound

    ... No... I played it for the first time back in November 2009. I just haven't played it for awhile, I've been busy. I saw it, wanted to play it again, but the sounds weren't working. If it helps, the sounds stopped working around the same time I installed 7Zip, though I don't think that...
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    No Music or Sound

    I tried playing some mods last week, but for the first time no sound or music would be played. It was completely silent. I tried playing the original Cave Story, and the same thing happened still. I checked all the volume controls, but everything was fine. I tried playing other non-Cave Story...
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    NES Moonsong cover

    DAMN! That was really good, and very close to the original. There were only two parts that sounded off, though it was just the same part that was done twice. At the part where the song reaches its climax, you used a different sound than what the original had. I'm guessing you had to do that...