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    (WIP)(ORG)Cave Story Rearranged - an album of remixes of remixes of CS soundtrack

    Oh hey, I kinda forgot about this thing. I don't even know if I should continue this... I've collected the tracks in one convenient Dropbox folder, right here. Might need to update this thread.
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    I honestly don't know if you're being serious or not, but... The word "modding" comes from "modification". You're modifying something. Granted, CSE2 isn't exactly Cave Story, but knowing that it's based off the original code (and it's coming closer to being ASM-accurate, or in layman's terms...
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    Update in the works

    I think it would be fine, it's your thread about your mod, after all. The 90-day warning is usually to prevent reviving old discussions that nobody is talking about right now, so updates are okay. On topic, though, this sounds interesting. I'll be sure to try it out.
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    Why the fuck was I banned?

    You've created 12 forum threads in less than a month, almost all of them are Cave Story theories. Forums aren't really a place where you can quickly start a topic, discuss it for a bit, and move on. Firstly, some of the questions you've asked have already been answered in older threads, so you...
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    i've had this theory that musicians are supreme shitposting machines, i think i've gathered...

    i've had this theory that musicians are supreme shitposting machines, i think i've gathered enough evidence
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    reading is hard

    reading is hard
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    what are you talking about

    what are you talking about
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    "Beats to procrastinate to"

    "Beats to procrastinate to"
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    Whoops. Just fixed it.

    Whoops. Just fixed it.
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    Show off your org music...

    Hi, here's another batch of recent .orgs I've made before I'll disappear for months. Ducktales - The Moon (I think somebody else already made an .org of this track, but eh.) Pictionary - Title Pokemon RSE - Lilycove City Final Fantaxy VI - Dancing Mad (Hell) (Part of a bigger project. Stay tuned...
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    Is Quote slow, or is everybody else in CS just really fast?

    Whoa, slow down with the new threads. You might want to discuss all the oddities in the Cave Story Discord servers. Or read through the Theories section in here, maybe there are answers. Anyways, Quote isn't exactly slow. Case 1: Sue left the Egg Room 00 first. She also has no weapons, so she...
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    Is Sue black?

    I feel like somebody already asked this question in the Theories section, but anyways... Sue having black skin can indicate one of two things: 1) Her father is black (or her biological parents are black). We never see Sue's father in the game, so anything goes. 2) Sue is following the Ganguro...
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    Does you even grammar

    Singular "they" has been in use since 14th Century. http://www.oed.com/view/Entry/200700 Its usage has been criticized in 19th Century, then it got brought back nowadays. There was a strawman problem with using "he" as the gender-neutral pronoun; "xe", "ve", etc. aren't as fortunate either...