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    What exactly IS the Surface?

    ...wait, if it's that... oh god it could land there couldn't it
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    The "What Do You Want For Christmas" Thread!

    i don't even care if someone's made the joke ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAAS IS YOOOOOOOOOOOUUU On a more serious note, I'm looking to get SM3DW and ALBTW.
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    What if Quote were in Super Smash Bros?

    On a note not relating to anything legal or money related, using Quote himself may be a bad idea. I mean, his name is a spoiler after all, and it's not like you can just have "???" the entire time you play the game. I feel it would be more sensible to use Curly as her name isn't actually a...
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    Which is the hardest boss in Cave Story?

    I'm gonna stand by Monster X being the hardest boss. With all it's projectiles and -10 dealing treads, it's such a massive change of pace and difficulty compared to everything before then, and even after it the difficulty goes back down a bit until getting to the Sacred Grounds.
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    Why balrog why

    I highly approve of this thread.
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    Dreams of Reality

    I'm actually having some trouble playing this. Whenever the jumpscare pops up, the game just seems to close itself. Happens every time, and I can't seem to figure out why. ...unless, of course, it's entirely intentional and I'm missing something here.
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    Rule Against Hell Mods?

    I disagree with this. If a quality mod is made and it just happens to revolve around the Sacred Grounds, why remove it?
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    What Would Be Cool to See In Either a Re-Release or a Sequel to CS!

    I have to wonder, why do you keep putting the sarcasm around 'official'? Last I heard, the NICALiS ports are full canon. There's no sarcasm to go about it, even if the other translation is superior. On a more related subject, I don't really think you can get much better than CS+, even with the...
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    The sickeningly cheerful say hello, introduce yourself; now where's my cookie? topic.

    Hi there. ...eheheh I'm not very good at saying hi at all. I'll just say I've been browsing for a while now.