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    Who Else Thinks Reinbel Is Awesome!?

    She's made some music in Org Maker. That's kinda why I thought it fit. The majority of her stuff isn't though.
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    Who Else Thinks Reinbel Is Awesome!?

  3. low_res

    Cave Story the Prequel

    I totally agree. Besides, I'm sure that if Pixel follows his own inspiration and makes the games he wants to make, they will turn out better than anything we could demand him to make.
  4. low_res

    The Fantastic Adventures of Squire Brakkett - Revival

    I just read your whole comic, and I think it's genius! The way you merge the plot of the original game with Brakkett's plot is awesome! (So many great jokes and references) I love how you make fun of the game in a playful way, making the "bad guys" seem good and the "good guys" seem kinda...
  5. low_res

    Cave Story the Prequel

    How can we convince Pixel to create a prequel to Cave Story? A game that includes Arthur as a "living" character.