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  • Idunno man, I'm not much of a drawist. It looks pretty good to me, I guess the only thing I can think of is adding more small details - red in the corner of the eye, that sort of thing.
    Basically what I did was put the savefile name in where the old Map Data was, and then when the cursor is moved change the number byte of prof1.dat to a 1, 2 or 3. After that, I load the game to display some information about the file.

    Well, I look forward to seeing ya some more :]
    Gardebiter started it with some kind of program he made to get all the function offsets, and he put in most of the functions we already knew. I then took it upon myself to figure out as many functions as I could. Someday it'll be done.

    As for special things, I've done a few. Support for three save files in one game and a menu on the title screen to select em', and just recently animated tiles.
    And for Boot's thing, I got a bunch done but it's slowed a bit since I started school. I keep my notes on the evernote so you can check that if you remember it.
    Could i ask a favor of you Lace? remember the speed hack you did for Sonic's Story? Well i'm making the mod2x res and need the speed hack from the original exe in the 2xres exe :(
    Thanx! You alive now or just being extra kind to me?
    Well, regardless of if you're being kind to me, the forum timer is not...
    So, if I read that right, you suggest to use numbers rather than letters to represent TSC commands, and simply have a jump table to them?
    That actually would be way more efficient than what there is now; massive amounts of space saved too if you were willing to manually rearrange the thing so the functions are right tight together. However, it would be a lot of work to move everything and free up all that unused space.
    Basically, we're looking at a weapon that's just Polar Star at level one, but at level two becomes a fairly slow-firing machine gun with no spread that fires Polar Star's level one bullets, and having the same range as a level one polar star. At level three, it would fire them to Polar Star level two's range and be otherwise the same as level two EXCEPT that it would fire x1.5 faster.

    I'm aware damage, spriting, and range are simply done with Cave Editor, but the other stuff would require some hacking.
    Well, I'm gonna send you an invite to this gaming site..all I ask that you do is register, and sign up. :)

    If you do then I get all kinds of free stuff.

    Hey, Lace. Me and Nate were wondering if you wouldn't help with some "minor" assembly hacking for the new remake of Broxxus. Just a weapon is all, and we're basically just using the code for another weapon. Can you get back to us when you get a chance?
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