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  • Nup. I should do some more drawings but....hmmm maybe I do that now :D Wholy dogs (pun intended xD) you made yours online? I have to say that's kinda awesome!
    Could you possibly shorten your location just a scosh?
    It's messing with the layout of the site a bit D:
    It is their own thread, and they are posting because they have made new progress and/or other significant contribution to the thread topic (a comic)

    This is well within the rules and in fact encouraged.
    This shouls answer your question:
    [i]"When the member has been registered for at least 100 days and have at least 250 posts they move up to the Veteran Members rank."[/i]
    I ordered my memory chip last night...and it has already arrived. I just installed it so I am now working on my own computer :D I will get around to it when I have some more time :D
    Well it may take a while to get around to it because I can't use my computer for about 2 weeks - I need more memory (long story) and I can't really download anything on this one because if it's a virus I don't want to risk this computer (sometimes system restore is blocked)
    Anyway when I get around to it I will tell you :D
    There's a large quantity of code offsets contained within nox's compendium. That's the majority of the ones we know.
    If you just randomly jump, you won't really be able to tell unless you recognize it as one of those offsets or can identify the structure.
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