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  • Really? One pixel more seems like kinda a waste, since it's so close to the original size.

    I'm fairly sure that a change of 4 pixels is going to be no more difficult than a change in 1 pixel.

    But if 1 pixel is what you need, then okay.
    Okay - the goal is 4 more pixels. And no change in width, right?

    I'll try to do the modification myself to see how it goes. Good luck.
    It sure seems like it will... I hope I can expand my mind enough to fit it all xD
    How far did you get? Did you take classes or just start reading or speaking it?

    btw, I posted new comments on the site! [I'm not sure if it tells you they replied or not]
    and now... much needed sleep... zzzzzzzzzz
    Well, what you're trying to do (a bigger character) is somewhat complicated. You need to design this using assembly code, which is a bunch of code stored inside the Cave Story .exe file.

    Framerects, or just rects, are like "slices" of sprite-sheets. To make a big character, you must force the game .exe to "slice" the MyChar spritesheet differently.

    Also, how big are the character sprites? Balrog-sized? Bigger than that?

    The tool you need is the knowledge of assembly hacking (the stuff that Noxid, GIR, Dubby, Landon, and other people know how to do).
    To begin learning, check out version 1.04b of my guide:

    The guide doesn't actually tell you how to make the character rects bigger, but it does have a general lesson on NPC framerects and how to edit them.

    Once you have a basic grasp of what assembly language is, come ask me again and we can start working on it.
    Whew! Okay, I'm back... I approved your messages, so they should automatically appear now lol
    I started learning Japanese yesterday so, my mind was in shambles!
    Oh... I guess private means only I can see it or something lol
    Okay that link should* work now! Try the link one more time with the keyword : open
    See if this link works... See if writing here works for you :O
    Testing, testing

    I don't know how convenient it will be... hmm wonder if I should create a secondary site...
    If you want to talk about the plot, feel free to detail as much as you want :D We can chat here or I can make a place to post about this on my blog...

    Actually, I'm thinking about making a full-spoiler timeline on my blog... then I can have everything laid out, and can maybe make adjustments and maybe people will want to add their input or maybe want something changed...

    Although on the negative side, revealing everything could make it less enjoyable as you know what will happen... But, then again having the community fine tune it might make it more rewarding...?
    Tell me about Oranges Mod when you get it.
    I really don't trust these things.
    Oh well.
    Thanks ;D
    those are pretty funny actually xD

    Hermit's Story? I haven't seen that one yet :O I bet that old guy has some stories to tell... Maker of the Spur!!

    Quote pic? I haven't made one for Quote... I'd like to see yours and if I use it or draw inspiration from it I'll thank ya in the credits :D

    ... if and when the ~clouds~ start taking shape I'll be sure to remember your offer if you're still interested! :critter:
    I don't think I could tell a proper joke if my life depended on it D:
    But, lame in small doses must be good for you xD

    OGHHH! I feel like Igor ... While my b-day was awesome, the night after ... uhhhgh....
    Felt like I was going through a red flower transformation...
    Thanks man, unless your being sarcastic. On the internet it's hard to tell. :p
    But yeah, the moment I saw that I knew I had to use it. Stephen Colbert is just really funny. He said it in front of alot of high up government people on live television along with a few other stupid jokes.
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