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  • The helicopter is located in data Folder > Npc folder > NpcHeri.bmp spritesheet.

    For the cursor, you can just replace 3 of Quote's original walking sprites (in MyChar.bmp, see second row, first 3 sprites, right above the Mimiga mask ones) and then your cursor will show up on the menu screen.
    So, you and I are working on the 2 player Sacred lands, maybe Lunar and Firehead, right? <--New version with fixed Gun Sprites

    Ok, it's sort of fixed. I didn't use any ASM, but I cheated a bit by slicing off a pixel or two on the bubbler and machinegun when they are pointed upward. Since the Hermit's head covers most of the gun, I don't think it makes much of a difference.

    Also - the nemesis doesn't seem to have this problem. I just moved things around a bit and it seems to work without any gun slicing needed.

    If this solution doesn't really work for you - then I could probably tell you how to mess with the gun framerects to make it work (the ASM solution).
    Wasn't actually expecting to do that so soon, but that sounds like a pretty good idea.
    I'll keep working on a few more icons an monsters.
    Thanks again for teh support lad.
    *epic bro fist*
    Actually, now that I've tested it, you don't need any ASM to move the gun positions.

    Just edit the Arms.bmp spritesheet and move the guns around using your image editor. It works!

    Gun Positions Moved

    I've already moved the polar star and the missile launcher so it looks like the Hermit is properly holding them. If you don't like those positions, then just move the guns yourself.
    All right - you're welcome. If you ever need that special cursor or need the gun positions moved, just tell me.
    Download Mod with Bigger Sprite Version 2

    Stuff that works:
    -The sprite is actually bigger.
    -All the regular sprites work now, including the jumping sprite, walking sprites, and so on. No more sliding picture frame.
    -The hermit's head is solid now. Also I'm pretty sure he can now be damaged by monsters landing on his taller-than-usual head.
    -The increase in height is now 6 pixels instead of 5 pixels.

    -When the hermit's head collides with a flat ceiling, he may get slightly bumped either left or right for no particular reason. I'm not sure what's causing this, but it probably has something to do with player & tile collisions not being designed for bigger sprites. But, if you use a curved or angled ceiling, this problem is almost not noticeable.
    (If the ceiling is so high that the player cannot hit his head on it, then don't worry about this.)

    Keep in mind that since the Hermit is tall now, he can't fit through small tunnels that are 1-tile in height.

    Also, there's the issue of the menu cursor. It still looks like the regular-sized quote instead of a taller one.
    To make this hack as simple as possible, I suggest that you just draw up a custom menu cursor that takes up a 16x16 sprite.
    For example, Noxid uses a knife or blade as the cursor of his mod:

    Your cursor can be animated with up to 3 frames, or just a static, non-animated cursor.

    Oh yeah, the Hermit might hold his weapons higher than Quote would, because the Hermit's hands are higher. If you want me to move the positions of the guns, I can probably do that.
    ............... D:
    I wrote ... another .... long one.... lol

    But, only read if you want to be spoiled!

    I haven't gotten to respond to the other parts yet... lol I figured that was already long enough X_X
    Kick Ass said:
    I did take out the boxes but I realized that I may need 1 more pixel more in height because the hermit's hair is covering the top box.

    Kick Ass said:
    Part of the head doesn't count as solid. The data is only registered for the smaller sprite so part of the taller sprite's head will go through the wall and the bump marks when you hit something are too low.
    Yeah that's true. I think it should be fixed once I change the hitbox size.

    For the sprite itself - it looks quite nice. Definitely resembles the old man hermit but he is taller and therefore seems younger in appearance.
    All right, I've sort of got a working system. It definitely isn't finished yet - so this is a prototype hack.

    Download Example Mod with Bigger Main Character Sprite

    Stuff that works:
    -The sprite is actually bigger.

    Stuff that doesn't work yet:
    -The hitbox size didn't change. I'm pretty sure I can fix this given some time.
    -There is only 1 sprite used right now, and that's the standing sprite. Normally the main character would have a jumping sprite, a looking upwards sprite, a looking downwards sprite, and so on. But now there's only a standing sprite so the player looks like a frozen picture frame that can slide and jump. You can edit the appearance of the single sprite, but not much else can be done until more assembly work is finished.
    -The sprite on the title screen didn't change because that is handled by a different chunk of code. Only the sprite in-game is bigger for now.


    You can also download my assembly notes - the information that I found and wrote down while performing this hack. However, it's probably not going to make much sense at this time until you get more experienced with ASM hacking.
    HAven't posted yet... was gone most of yesterday, so I'll probably write stuff later today or tomorrow morning D: :D

    ... must ... continue ... japanese ...
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