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  • I have an idea for when I become a Vet. It's from a horror game though.
    Yep I definitely see a difference. I guess it seems to often happen on the corners of tiles/blocks. You can still see this but everything else has improved dramatically. As you say... not 100% but still pretty good. Thanks for the help
    All right - I believe I figured out the problem. Whenever you stand between two tiles and hit the ceiling, the game will try to "round off" to the nearest tile. I removed the rounding feature so the ceiling issue isn't as serious.

    Download new version:

    Now: I'm warning you, it's not 100% fixed. There are still times when the bug can happen. But right now, it happens a lot less. You can try jumping around the entrance to Yamashita Farm using the old and new versions and you should see a significant difference.
    I haven't really done anything with 'em so far. And the next few days I might be kinda busy, but I'll do what I can. We also need some kind of plot. Preferably something timey-wimey.
    One thing. Am I ever going to be able to get rid of the fact that when the hermit jumps and hits something weird things happen? Like when he jumps up and gets pushed off to the side? If not no matter. I was just wondering.
    It's technically possible because any physics hack like this should be possible in ASM. The problem here is that I don't know exactly why increasing the hitbox height to make the Hermit's head solid causes this "hit the ceiling" bug. I'll go ahead and look at the player collision code to try a bunch of stuff, but no guarantees.

    Also, have you finished modding some parts of Hermit's story already? If so, then feel free to send me the new version of your mod and I'll apply the hack to that one. Of course, this is optional - you don't have to do this if you'd prefer not to release your mod early.
    Well, I GUESSS tha- *stops*
    Doctor Who mod? Sounds awesome. Wanna help? :D

    The only problem I can think of would be the Doctor's nonviolent ways. Maybe the one weapon would be the sonic screwdriver, and it wouldn't do any damage, just be useful for puzzles and stuff.

    Not that there wouldn't be any action, there would be lots of running around =P
    Ok, I think it works now.

    Download New Mod with Tall Teleporter Hack

    The regular teleporter was too small for the Hermit to even fit into it, so I decided to make the teleporter taller by lowering the height of the bottom platform. Then I made a bunch of small ASM changes so that he would jump to the right height and such, and now it's done.
    Ah yes. I think there is a way to fix the teleporter stuff.

    You see, in the original Cave Story, there are actually 2 types of Quote.

    1. The player himself.
    2. An NPC that looks exactly like the player (NPC number 150). This NPC is used for animations.

    So basically, I just changed the first one. Changing the second one using NPC hacking should make the teleporter thing work.

    Let me think about it for a moment and I'll get back to you.
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