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  • My first noteworthy avatar was this thing:

    and since then I've predominantly used variations on the theme of "Booster facepic edit" to the point that I have become booster, and it would be weird to *not* have one.
    Ah, that would have been a good idea! I already had this one "lined up", so to speak, though. Thank you :mahin:
    You don't even go outside on those days...unless you actually want to die! I really don't think you want to imagine it either xD. 34 would be heaven at the moment. Scotland has a max of like 20. The scot's are out on the beach sun-bathing at that point. All I usually get is a drizzle of constant rain...sometimes thunderstorms (just for a bit of variety)
    48 Celcius?
    That's halfway to boiling! I can't even imagine that. I'm pretty sure the hottest I've ever seen in my life has been like, 34.
    I see. That is an incredibly long flight.
    I've never had much opportunity for travel myself, so you can at least consider yourself lucky that you get to see different things.

    Australia sounds like a really nice place from what I've heard. Well, except for the spiders, and snakes, and searing heat.
    If that text is invisible to those with IQ over 50, then how on earth did you manage to get it in your signature?

    Also, press the "view conversation" button on a post you want to reply to, typing on your own profile doesn't send people a notification that you replied.
    Lol well nubs are nubs xD. Thanks. It seems like a nice forum! Thanks for that offer as well! Well modding ain't easy :L
    Hey :)
    I dont ussualy like nwbies cus they act like babies, But your cool dude! Your just sophisticated and help other members out whenever you can.
    Keep up the good work with the mod aswell dude!
    If you need any help with TSC or sprites for it then just ask :)
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