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  1. Jpzarde

    CSTSF Trick or Treating

    Everyone. I am holding this thread hostage, and I demand a ransom of candies in JPEG form. And thanks for the skittles <3
  2. Jpzarde

    CSTSF Trick or Treating

    Trick, or treat? That is the question And the answer is treats Now HAND EM OVER.
  3. Jpzarde

    Cave Story GM

    Oh. Man. From now on, only YOU are allowed to re-release Cave Story... ...Because of how amazing all of this work is! This project feels like such a natural progression of the base game, ALMOST as if it were a sequel. It's so good! SO GOOD!
  4. Jpzarde

    Cave Story Deluxe 3.0 (again???)

    Will you actually, though?
  5. Jpzarde

    The Mimiga Hero

    I’ll be sure to give this a try! My day’s booked, but I’ll be able to play as soon as work is finished tomorrow
  6. Jpzarde

    Favorite Balrog Catchphrase

    My favourite catchphrase (and favourite moment in game generally speaking) is when balrog comes out of nowhere in the boulder chamber and shouts “Bal-rogo!”, and freezes time using his stand: Black Pearl.
  7. Jpzarde

    Harpy Gaiden

    Any chance to see the game / games on the Apple store? I’d happily buy the whole trilogy!
  8. Jpzarde

    Who was your favorite side/ non main CS character?

    Kanpachi and Misery are some of my favourite characters, they both have a lot of depth
  9. Jpzarde

    Your Timeless Games List & Stories

    Alright me, you’re gonna wipe your brain and play through these games again and you’re gonna like it: Half Life: This game (/series) is unmatched in terms of storytelling harmonized with game play. The story itself in this game is amazing, and it’s themes of scientific disaster and determinism...
  10. Jpzarde

    Andwhy's mod porting thread

    Actually, the translation is quite good, I was able to understand it without any difficulty. (Sorry, this is a bit off topic.)
  11. Jpzarde

    stupid ways you've hurt yourself

    Broken glass is commonplace where I work. I always wondered to myself when I was going to cut one of my fingers on it. I ended up cutting my finger on a plate I broke on accident during break xD
  12. Jpzarde

    Show us your desktop

    I severely like the FNAF icons because those damn animatronics give me nightmares on occasion. ...Also, you should make Celeste the next game on your 'to try' list, it's quite exceptional.
  13. Jpzarde

    Well that’s depressing.

    Well that’s depressing.
  14. Jpzarde

    According to my calculations, the likelihood of that statement being true is 90%...

    According to my calculations, the likelihood of that statement being true is 90%...
  15. Jpzarde

    Get outta here nerd clone, everyone thinks you’re pretentious.

    Get outta here nerd clone, everyone thinks you’re pretentious.