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    Has anyone found a way to get in contact with this dude?

    That sounds creepy ngl. Is it really worth it to try to get in touch with someone who may or may not have had a copy of an older version of the game in 2004? That was over 16 years ago, I'm 99% sure they don't even have it anymore. Also, I'd feel weirded out if random people went after me for...
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    TSC support for Visual Studio Code + other cool stuff

    Hello, modding community! Happy holidays! I'm very excited to announce vscode-tsc -- an extension for Visual Studio Code that adds support for the TSC format. Features: Syntax highlighting Editing decrypted or encrypted TSC files (thanks to @alula) Hover information (command description +...
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    Disgust discussed

    this forum is a literal shitshow
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    if you send me your savefile I could tell you what you forgot to do
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    CSE2 - The Cave Story decompilation project

    That will only work out if you can somehow get Nicalis to give up their copyright to the source code. So yeah, good luck with that.
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    BLink's ULTIMATE resource guide to modding (CSE2) Cave Story 2020 edition

    because everyone here uses Arch/MSYS2, obviously the post does need a link to this wiki entry though: and it should be updated to point to CSE2EX instead of CSE2
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    Cave Story meets Game Maker

    you're replying to a 13-year old thread, what did you expect? anyway, here's another remake of the game in GMS: it's not accurate to the original game as it aims to introduce new features, but the source is also there
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    [NSFW] Do the Mimiga have testicles?

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    it's a good game

    it's a good game
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    [NSFW] Do the Mimiga have testicles?

    they have three balls
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    ah i forgot this forum has my birthday wrong by one month

    ah i forgot this forum has my birthday wrong by one month
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    We need a new means of account verification.

    dunno where you got the "for each member" part from. it's overall $0.80/1000 emails, so if 1000 people sign up in a month, andwhy would have to pay $0.80. (I'm not counting the notification emails, which I think should be disabled by default). But again, you get more emails for the first three...
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    We need a new means of account verification.

    Yep. @King (2.0)