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Dec 25, 2017
Sep 6, 2009
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Aug 20, 1994 (Age: 23)
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Creating A Legacy..., 23, from The Balcony

It's been a long long time since I logged on here, Everyone okay? Sep 7, 2017

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Dec 25, 2017
    1. JetHawk95
      It's been a long long time since I logged on here, Everyone okay?
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      2. X-Calibar
        @mckgamer Hey thanks :) It'd be hard to imagine living without modern technology... I mean knowing that a massive storm is coming and being prepared is a game changer. Or at least it gives people a fighting chance!
        Sep 8, 2017
      3. JetHawk95
        How did it go? Are you okay X-Calibar? and hey guys :P
        Sep 12, 2017
      4. X-Calibar
        The power and internet has been restored!
        And I'm alive, thanks ;) A bunch of trees fell making a huge mess... and we lost power for a few... But, compared to other areas this was nothing. ...But now I can finally get my Cave Story fix in...

        cstsf Ahhhh, that's the st uff
        Sep 14, 2017
    2. JetHawk95
      I appear to have double posted a new thread in the game development forum, Could a MOD remove one please, I'm ever so sorry
      1. Xemous
        can you not delete them yourself?
        Mar 20, 2016
      2. GIRakaCHEEZER
        I think the ability for users to delete threads was removed, intentionally. Could be too easily abused.
        Mar 22, 2016
    3. Noxid
      good to see ya round bud, how's things been goin?
      1. JetHawk95
        Things are great man. Sorry I went quite for like 4 years, I'll be on here a lot more now to help people with there music and graphical stuff and mingle back into the community, Glad to see youv'e come so far and developed lots of new apps, The boosters lab app is absoloutely awesome!
        Feb 29, 2016
    4. Omega
      Hey jethawk. I have been listening to the songs your making for the sonic edge of darkness fan game. And must say that all of the songs i heard where great!

      P.S: If you get the chance tell them you know a guy who would love to beta test the game.

      Somewhat important: One of the songs for the fan game is called invincable. I assume you meant invincible
    5. WoodenRat
      Hey man do you listen to Queen?
    6. Noxid
      Jethawk, you can't just cuss out other members. That's flaming, and then I have to get involved and it's no fun for anybody.
    7. royaltyler
      Hey, cool down. What the hell did I do? I was only trying to start a conversation jeez man.
    8. royaltyler
      Oh god not that. WHY?!?! why did she go, why? *Goes in a corner and rocks back in forth in the fetal position*
    9. royaltyler
      I am bored...
    10. royaltyler
      [B]I would like to notify readers of [COLOR="Red"]Cave Story 2: Rise of the First Son[/COLOR], that I am starting it up again, and I have told my family to remind me of it everyday whenever they get a chance. I have even made an outline, and would like to say sorry for acting the way I did.[/B]
    11. WoodenRat
      sonic is quote!????
    12. Kick Ass
      Kick Ass
      cheers mate :D
    13. HyMyNameIsMatt
      Nice avatar you have there.
    14. Lace
      Not too too different. The largest shock was the food, which was (IMO) much worse :$
      On the other hand though, British humor is fantastic and there are so many cool things up that way; I'd totally do it again given the chance.
    15. Lace
      Hey buddy it's Lace.
      Yeah, I was just in England (walked the Hadrian's wall path); wish I could've caught you while I was there, but we were super tight on time. :[
      Happy belated birthday!
    16. Noxid

      I sure do :chin:
    17. DoubleThink
    18. WD
      Happy birthday
    19. Omega
      Alot of great remixes so far. Still cant pick a favorite.
    20. Noxid
      Happy birthday you crazy brit ;]
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    Aug 20, 1994 (Age: 23)
    Home Page:
    The Balcony
    A video game musician :)
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    Sonic The Hedgehog
    Making Music, Hacking Games, Singing, Playing Games.


    "Gotta Get Teh Shiny Shiny Ringz!"

    Hey, Yeah, YOU! I make Remixes of video game songs and also original music, There's some cool Cave Story stuff to bop your head to aswell!