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    Cave Story+ with a Complete Customized Soundtrack (revised)

    That doesn't work like that. You can't use someones work by default unless stated otherwise.
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    Nice. Now i won't need IDA anymore.
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    Ikachan font?

    Why change locale settings, if you can use AppLocale on XP/7 And https://pooi.moe/Locale-Emulator/ on Win10
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    Grey Screen Bug With Cave Story (Solved!)

    You are mistaking portability with interoperability. Interoperability is an exchange of data with original software. Map editor, for example. BTW, i've never said i'm not looking at decompiled code, however, i won't say, that i do, lol.
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    Grey Screen Bug With Cave Story (Solved!)

    >Also, reverse engineering is probably not implicitly forbidden It isn't for the purposes of interoperability, self-education, etc. It is for the purposes of creating competing software. Also, it depends on country. Above is valid for USA (DMCA) and EU (EU Directive 2009/24) Also, it doesn't...
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    Grey Screen Bug With Cave Story (Solved!)

    Well, current target is accuracy. If you'll point out "optional enhancements", sure, i'll make them optional. Also, it's not currently black box style development, due to hypothetical someone somewhere messing compile flags, and another hypothetical someone abusing this. (Although, it looks like...
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    Grey Screen Bug With Cave Story (Solved!)

    That depends on resolution. What? Doesn't seem like something bad. What? Gravity is *exactly* the same as in CS. Which one? Anyway, they both aren't. It's easily fixable if anyone wishes to provide *free* monospace unicode font. And CS uses arial by default, if i remember correctly. What...
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    Grey Screen Bug With Cave Story (Solved!)

    Elaborate, please.
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    Mac save file request

    That's not "Mac support". That's "Support for savefiles from Mac version"
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    Sub 2 Minutes in Hell has been achieved.

    Ugh. There's no RNG there. Here's excerpt from Heavy Press AI. v9 is the current AI state. It is set by Hell3.tsc (<BOA0100) sub_46EFD0 spawns NPCs. 325 is NPC number for laser (it's a separate entity) if ( v9 == 100 ) { *(_DWORD *)&byte_4BBA58[116] = 101; *(_DWORD *)&byte_4BBA58[112]...
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    Sub 2 Minutes in Hell has been achieved.

    There's no RNG regarding laser. Heavy Press always fires it on start (well, it should), then after 400 frames, then each 300 frames (there are always 4 butes spawned between shots).
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    NetXEngine - NXEngine-evo with online multiplayer

    Just a friendly reminder: releasing any binaries without providing access to source-code is a violation of GPL.
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    three noticed flaws in cs+

    https://www.cavestory.org/game-info/tsc-script.php/en/credit https://www.cavestory.org/game-info/tsc-script.php/ja/credit Both original japanese version and fan translation doesn't have that problem. CS+ does, from earliest versions.
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    NetXEngine - NXEngine-evo with online multiplayer

    What the hell are you even talking about? You do realize that it's nxengine fork (with netplay support), which, in turn, always supported org music, never distributed cs+ content and strives to be accurate recreation of original engine? (And it does support cs+ music, but you need to own the...
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    NetXEngine - NXEngine-evo with online multiplayer

    They could, but in reality nobody uses BE on them. I'm not even sure stock nxengine-evo works on BE. Never bothered to try/port.