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  • nope <CNPxxxx:yyyy:zzzz(where x is event #, y is entity type, z is direction)

    ex: make an entity, let's say event 101 no flags what's so ever.. say you want to appear it in a worse possible places to be in, make an entity event, lets say 201 with flags 2000(pc press down i think, going to check it later) then write a script



    when you press down on entity 201, entity 101 will change into entity type 149, a horizontal moving block.

    <CNP is change npc, <ANP is animate npc.. but I think you already know this...

    My hell mod is chunk full of this <CNP and also <CMP

    you might want to make a testing rooms
    Hey dude, I'm going to answer your question... it's not a tile that moves, it's an entity type, entity type no. 149
    That sounds most likely, since I can't see anything wrong with anything else you've described. Have no worries, I'm still finding wonderful new ways to break the game. It's just part of being a modder, live and learn eh? If you put the start point in another room and <TRA and still get the message, you've still got a problem though. Oh, and did you check error.txt? Sometimes it puts an error message in there with those gibberish boxes. I know it does so if you don't put (c)Pixel without removing the requirement, and also if you're missing a vital spritesheet/tileset.
    Oh, I see it now XD
    See? I knew Skipflags were evil >.>

    As for your random problem, it's rather curious. I haven't used SW since the very earliest days of my mod, so I can't vouch knowledge of it's tileset editing capabilities. Lace is the local Sue's expert, I'm sure :3 (And he might yell at me if he sees me telling you to switch XD)

    So you made a water tile, and it crashed your game..? That's strange. You didn't make tile 0 water, did you? That could cause problems. Well, how tilesets work is there's the .bmp (or .pbm, .png, whatevs) file, but there's also the... .pxm? I think, PiXMap. That file holds the data for what tile is what type and such. If you're changing names and stuff, be aware of that. (It might be a different extension, I'm not 100% there)
    Ah, well that makes sense I suppose. But it still does not work?
    Well, let's try some things to narrow down the problem. Make an empty room or a clear space on the floor or something to lay down some testing materials. First drop a set of signs on the floor with the 2000 flag. Give one an event <CMU0010<END. Give one an event <CMU0000<WAI0100<CMU0010<END, and give one an event <CMU0001<END and give one an event <CMU to whatever song normally plays in the area where you get the key.

    Play them in various orders to see what happens.

    Another thing you can try is to use <SOU0042 or something right before, or right after the problematic <CMU to see what's happening around it, where your command is skipping.

    Tell me if any of those work.
    Well, I see a space in <SKJ0025: 0106 and <F L+0303 (could have been Vbulletin)
    Although that shouldn't affect the musics. That's the only thing that doesn't go?

    Your script appears fine to me, but I'll write a fresh one you can copypaste and see if that works.


    THE KEY OF EPICNESS!<NOD<FL+0390<FL+0555<FL+1641
    <CLR<SKJ0025:0106<CMU0010<GIT1001<IT+0001Found =Key of EPICNESS=!<FLA<WAI0160<NOD


    However, I'm concerned about your use of the SkipJump. The way you had it, once the skipflag is set it's no longer possible to get the weapon or key. Also, there's not much that needs to be skipped. I'd just recommend taking it out altogether (Also, skipflags and I don't get along).

    THE KEY OF EPICNESS!<NOD<FL+0390<FL+0555<FL+1641
    <CLR<CMU0010<GIT1001<IT+0001Found =Key of EPICNESS=!<FLA<WAI0160<NOD<CLR<CLO
    If that doesn't work, I'm at a loss.

    EDIT: OH OH! I also have a very key word of advice. Always leave a blank line between your event # and the first line of the code, ESPECIALLY if you're jumping to the event. Don't ask me why, Don't ask me how, but nothing I do works unless I follow this convention. This is something I've just had to learn by trial and error. In fact, if I have a strange problem, first thing I do is press the enter key all ova the place. It's like a magic button.
    Thanky, although ironically, now I'm having problems with skipflags. :rolleyes:
    I don't get what's wrong with the key of epicness code. fhshgfjdsh.
    you should visitor message noxid, he's a lot better at this kind of thing then I am.
    I'm sure I would, If I was awesome enough to get to/find him.
    I'm terrible at platforming.

    nennyways, the code I injected was as such
    === oh boy, this sure aint purgatory ===

    <SOU0043<GIT1022Counter activated.<NOD<GIT0000<SKJ0020:0096<SK+0020
    <MSGPlease enjoy this mod by
    It was his crash course using Sue's Workshop!<NOD<CLR


    === the map that actually goes before notpurgatory ===

    if you die w/o saving first, then go back to hell, you end up in a room called the altar of the key w/ no way to escape.

    also, it works with flag 20 + my code.
    you need a clo in the event it jumps to though (96 I believe...?)

    it's weird sw cannae see your edited tileset.
    work with all of mine.
    as far as riduculously simple error checking goes, try moving the sk+ before the skj.
    if it still dhows a message, then you have yourself a dandy little problem,
    also, try with skipflag 20, not 100.
    do skipflags reset after you die and go back to your last save?
    naw, that's the whole point of skipfalgs.

    I don't really see what's wrong with your script, but it's a tad messy, so I'll rewrite just for kicks.

    === heel, boy! ===

    <SOU0043<GIT1022Counter activated.<NOD<GIT0000<SKJ0100:0096<SK+0100
    <MSGPlease enjoy this awesome mod by igotsthepower9000...<NOD<CLR
    It was my crash course using Sue's Workshop!<NOD<CLO


    === inter-whelmer ===

    before, you were doing lotsandlots of checks w/ the skipflag, when you only needed one. if the skipflag was set, it would completely jump over event 95, and miss the check their, etcetera.

    try this code, it shouldn't work any differently, but it's a bit cleaner, and just might.
    I dunno, good luck.
    I don't blame you, anp is some weird shit.
    if you just wanted to do some of the text like is in normal hell though, you'd make an hv trigger with flags 1000 (yeah,yeah, it is vertical) and 100 set and have it call a msg event.

    cutscenes are annoying, I generally try to avoid them.
    keep working on your mod though, it's got potential.
    Play my (noobish; short; bad) hell mod!
    stop lying, it's an impressive first mod. it's fun, hard, and hell mods are sposed to be short anyways.
    Yeah, the variety in death messages was a pleasant surprise :)
    My intuition was correct in the first part, but I failed the second one because some of the blocks had a red tic on them, and I took that as some sort of sign... And I imagine it would be quite a tricky ascent indeed :0
    Your mod is hard, man. I managed to get all the way down to that tall shaft with the fire at the bottom and picked the wrong tube :(
    Maybe sometime I'll pick up the courage to try again...
    GIR isn't that great of a modder. He can code, I'll give him that, but whenever he does anything, he tries to shove it in everyone's face. His mod? Garbage. He thinks just because he made some cool code that it makes his mod good. He didn't consider anything else but some code. It's not fun to play, it's not nice to look at, and the story is just... Bland.

    Mods without the fancy hacks are just as good, if not better, when done correctly, of course.
    I don't know what you meant when you said you didn't stand a chance in the contest; the bit you showed in the video actually looked pretty darn good. A lot of these guys are pretty full of themselves. A couple can really back it up, but most of them can't.
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