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    I know, right?

    I know, right?
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    3DNes - Play Nes In 3D

    Lol, you and I have completely different opinions, in fact I really love the original game even though it is cryptic most of the time, (actually that's one of the reasons why I like it), and has clunky controls. It's just...like...there aren't any games like it that I can think of, it's so...
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    3DNes - Play Nes In 3D

    Really? You don't like any NES games like, I don't know, SMB 3 or The Legend of Zelda? Why? (I know this is out of topic but I'm really interested, sorry.)
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    Unused content general discussion.

    What game if I can? One of the Harpy Gaiden trilogy?
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    Some truly quality content.

    Some truly quality content.
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    Robot Story

    I understand this is your first mod and all but the fact that it's just the same game with different sprites for the main character doesn't really sell it to me. You should probably add some dialogue and new tiles made by you to make it more interesting. It's not impossible to do; it's going to...
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    Happy 15th Anniversary Cave Story! (Demo)

    You haven't told me why yet and I don't have enough knowledge on the subject to figure it out myself...
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    TSC is definitely my least favorite part of CS modding and I honestly wish somebody else would...

    TSC is definitely my least favorite part of CS modding and I honestly wish somebody else would do that stuff for me while I make the maps and the rest of the stuff but whatevs. I'm just bitching.
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    Alright, so it's easily fixable. Thank you, Serri. :)
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    I have issues yet again but this time it's more annoying than usual. What I did is I expanded the tileset so I could fit more tiles in it and created new tiles. So far nothing strange, right? Well, I tried to use those new tiles in a map and I spent some time doing so but when I loaded the mod...
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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)69 posts.(I'm very mature, I know.)

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)69 posts.(I'm very mature, I know.)
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    Oh, good to know. So it actually IS in Edit npc.tbl, it's just deemed as unknown. Now I'd like to ask a few questions to the creator/s of Booster's lab like why does it say that placing legs crashes the game but it doesn't tell you that babies do the same and such but anyways. This also solves...
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    Ok, but how am I supposed to find the exact number that, used with <DNA, deletes all legs?(Try them all is not an accepted answer).(I'm asking because I'm pretty sure you can't see what number they're assigned to through Edit npc.tbl). Also all I need to know is if there is a solution to my...
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    What was the first ending of Cave Story you got?

    Oh, it was like a lot of years ago so I don't remember precisely but I think I got the bad ending first. Interesting story though. I honestly can't believe somebody got the Mimiga mask ending the first time playing.