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  • I will leave Miraigamer.
    I will continue all the developing stuff on tile44.org. I will tell you when the Tile 44 Interactive forum is done D;
    Can I have your E-Mail adress?
    Well it's just that we never had the opportunity to chat o;
    I saw you were online in the IRC again yesterday.
    You probably should wait some minutes before quitting o:
    btw. I'm working on some enemy system for SFII.

    It would be easier/faster for us to work on stuff if we would have a real time chat o;
    Anyway sorry for spamming your page :x
    *shuts up now*
    Sometimes the IRC is really inactive, it really does depent on the time you join there o;
    Anyway I'm always there and most active at the evening/night about 18:00 - 4:00. Should be 0:00 - 12:00 in your country o:
    Yeah, the Zarpo1337 account is actually me. Don't worry. I was just lazy and posted a bunch of nonsense on my profile.
    It's okay. o:
    Anyway, I'm not too active on yahoo but it would be nice to use an instant messenger, since with it you can talk pretty much faster.
    I guess I haven't asked you yet: Do you have any Instant Messenger? o: Like AIM, ICQ, MSN, Skype or Yahoo or something? o:
    Regarding your question to Wedge about max entities/map, the limit to those that can be placed is what he said, but only around 1,024 will actually show up.
    I don't know for sure, but I think it's probably either 32767 or 65535. There's probably somewhere in the Hacking/Modding section where it says.
    [COLOR=DarkGreen]Alright, let me try to get this straight...
    You're wanting to add another NPC file?
    Yeah, it's possible and easy. {As you've apparently stumbled across}
    I'd just suggest coping an existing one for simplicities sake, because unless you're using Assembly to create/modify an NPC, you'll still need the dimensions and locations from the original NPC.pbms.
    Let's say, for your second NpcCurly, just copy the original, rename it to NpcQuote and replace all of Curly's sprites with Quote's.
    I believe you might need to reload CE, but once you do the sprite sheet should appear in the dropbox list. Alphabetically, by the way.
    Then for the fight, instead of loading the NpcCurly.pbm into, [I]I think[/I], the second slot, just load NpcQuote.pbm and it should be the red capped one firing the machine gun/polar star. {Unless you modify the NPC with Assembly}
    Now I got a little confused along the way, and saw you saying 'Npc tile set'. I'm assuming you just mean sprite sheet or something similar, but you can add new tilesets {The level's tiles} and backgrounds just as easily.
    {Although, you need to use a special tileset editor for tilesets to give each tile it's proper value, so smooth floors don't act like slopes and water doesn't act like spikes :rolleyes:}

    I hope I answered the right question, your post lost me a few times... :D;
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