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    Cave Story 3

    Ok cool
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    Re : Cave Story (A pxTone remaster)

    If only these were in Cave Story+
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    On this day, Cave Story was released 16 years ago

    It's hard to believe that Cave Story will turn 20 in four years.
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    Comment by 'Extra Life' in media 'nicalis irl.png'

    It's very accurate
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    General music sharing/discussion thread

    I listen to a lot of Eurobeat btw
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    A general thread, because why not?

    I'm now the composer for a Cave Story fangame called Alex Anomaly and I'm working on a project with my friends irl but other than that, I don't know what else to say.
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    CSE2 Got DMCA'd

    Nicalis seriously pulled this shit? Jesus Christ
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    gacha cave story pics

    The reason why people despise Gacha so much is because of all the weird, edgy, and straight up cringeworthy content that the Gacha community has created. There have even been people who made NSFW content with the platform. I will agree though, I think the whole Anti-Gacha campaign has gotten too...
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