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    Test Story - Cave Story Spin-Off

    gave this a shot, didn't get too far (died to the balrog boss after not saving for a while and gave up because i had to go do other stuff), might take another shot at progressing later but here are my thoughts right now: pros: - the level design itself is really cool, i like the maze-ish...
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    Haru to Shura

    i saw this earlier, the artstyle is really pretty, it reminds me of stuff like celeste and superbrothers: sword & sorcery. the concept seems neat, too, i'm interested to see what it ends up being in terms of gameplay (looks like a 2D platformer but there isn't any such gameplay in the...
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    You just gonna drop by and not celebrate Cat Month?

    my aunt's cat, whitney - she's been around as long as i can remember, very soft and will let you pat her
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    Cave story 2

    ...or you could just use discord
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    Cave story 2

    most entity sprites only display if their spritesheet is set to the map, excluding ones in NpcRegu and NpcSym so for example, misery's default entities (floating/standing) will show up no matter the map's settings, because they're stored in NpcRegu, but, say, her possessed form won't, because...
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    Cave story 2 know there's an edit button, right? you don't have to make multiple replies if you've forgotten to say something.
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    Nirk Story Demo[v0.0.3.1]

    hm, yeah. as the creator of usagi story i definitely don't feel great with you using my mod's dialogue. don't get me wrong, it's nice you were inspired by it, but you've never asked permission or even talked to me at all afaik, so... i'm wondering if you just modified usagi story instead of...
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    Cave Story Versions Tier List

    i'll just be ranking the ports (minus dsi since i'm yet to play it) since i have no real opinions about freeware 1. CS+ steam - this is the first version i played (once i got it to actually launch) and i have a lot of nostalgia for it, despite its issues 2. CS+ switch - i would've put this at...
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    ...i'm not sure why you're asking here, on a long dead thread for my kinda mediocre first mod of all places, but yeah. booster's lab's help section has a guide on how to edit the credits, it's not that tricky once you get the hang of it.
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    Under Story

    you could reskin the blade to be the worn dagger and have asriel replace king's ghost :thinking:
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    Under Story

    click on this and select 'ArmsItem.tsc' in the window that pops up, all inventory text (weapon and item names/description) is in there. names and descriptions are stored in different sections within the file, so just scroll down till you find what you want to edit
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    Under Story

    all 3 of the 'main' undertale/deltarune kids (kris, frisk and chara) are referred to explicitly with gender neutral pronouns by the others in-game (unfortunately debatable whether it's so players could choose for themselves in undertale, but deltarune seems to have a pretty big 'your choices...
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    Under Story

    not to be pedantic over small details oh who am i kidding it's my favourite thing to do but isn't their last name 'Dreemurr' with two r's?
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    Under Story

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    About cave story 3D

    tbh yeah, a remake of CS3D on, say, the switch, with better lighting, a better artstyle for the models as well as actual animations has the potential to be really good oh! also something i didn't address in my original post; the loading screen between maps is fine usually but it completely...