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    Kero Blaster, A New Game by Pixel

    Just hoping for some more news! Wish he was more vocal with the community... even though he doesn't speak much english lol
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    Your Stupidest Deaths in Cave Story?

    The very first time I came close to beating Ballos on hard with polar star only. I had him to a couple more hits with polar star and I got nervous, my fingers twitched causing me to fall off and get myself killed by an arrow. -.-
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    Cave Story: Players guide and walkthrough book (In Development, hopefully to be finished by CS's ann

    There is something called Google! It works extremely well as a massive gaming-tutorial search site. :rolleyes:
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    If Quote was a Pokemon Trainer

    You have given me yet another recurring nightmare.... congratz
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    Kero Blaster, A New Game by Pixel

    I would love to see a translation! And I'm glad after a year of inactivity, I can come back with something interesting to show! hehe (not that anyone remembers my 5 post account) /wrists
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    If Quote was a Pokemon Trainer

    He would have a single Pidgey, and peck people to death.
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    Cave Story on the Wii U?

    I highly doubt it will ever happen. It wouldn't be profitable in the least bit. Although it would be nice to see cave story on yet another system. :P
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    Reconstructing Cave Story

    Will definitely check it out! Good luck!
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    Kero Blaster, A New Game by Pixel

    Perhaps someone has posted this already, but I don't feel like checking. - It is a Gero Blaster WIP post. :pignon2:
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    Cave Story: Hard Mode

    Beating Ballos on Hard Mode is easily in my top 3 most difficult gaming accomplishments. The other 2 being: Sephiroth in KH1 Getting Platinum trophy for God of War 3
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    Cave Story+ Modding tools?

    Is there a good way to mod Cave Story+ like there is the original Cave Story? Just curious, because I like the higher res sprites.
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    Cave story good ending requirement thoughts

    Don't get me wrong, restarting to save curly/ignore booster is no problem. The problem is that even after reading the hints on getting the booster 2.0, you may still not ever realize there actually is a hell. Which is why it's too bad that some people will never know about the extra content. And...
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    Cave story good ending requirement thoughts

    Just wish he had put small clues throughout the game relating to how to get the ending. Not like the notebook in the prefab house, I'm talking about before the moment comes where you choose to talk to booster or not.
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    Cave story good ending requirement thoughts

    If there was one change I could make to official cave story, it would be booster surviving if you get the 0.8, and giving the 2.0 later on. And making the jump to the boulder room unreachable without the 0.8. I wish it wasn't like that! T.T
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    Cave story good ending requirement thoughts

    I played cave story in 2005 for the first time, and I remember beating it after about a week without too many problems. Seven years later I'm browsing some forums and find out there is a better ending?!?!!? I spent about a week practicing to beat hell on hard mode, finally did it. But what I...