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  1. darkcrusader

    Post your PxTone creations!

    I'm liking Water Skimmer, great work!
  2. darkcrusader

    Show of your custom characters!

    The image I posted is a .png. I put the .pbm on Mediafire so people who aren't so tech savvy can just drop the MyChar into their data folder. Thanks for the advice though!
  3. darkcrusader

    Show of your custom characters!

    Show off you custom characters! I recently made an XJ-9 skin, so here ya go! Link to .pbm: https://www.mediafire.com/?rzr92ky7807ewbq
  4. darkcrusader

    What Is Some Good Sprite Editing Software?

    I am partial to FireAlpaca. It has a pixel brush and some limited animation tools.
  5. twitter


  6. darkcrusader


    I spent around 8 hours trying to defeat Hell. It can be done!
  7. darkcrusader

    Rate the custom user title/location of the person above you

    HEY here's a new location up for review. T: 10/10 You found a good MMO and you stuck with it. L: 6/10 It is nice to be sitting on a throne, and to have the power thereby associated, but the shadows obscure the awe of the glory of a monarchical presence. Open up the shutters, and deck the...
  8. darkcrusader

    Favorite retro games.

    I used to have a Coleco Vision... those were the days... I was too young to care about quality, so I spent my time with Lady Bug, Gorf, and Smurfs :mahin:
  9. darkcrusader

    Yeah, I figured as much. Especially judging from the album you have.

    Yeah, I figured as much. Especially judging from the album you have.
  10. darkcrusader

    Interesting avatar. Is it a picture of you?? rofloljk

    Interesting avatar. Is it a picture of you?? rofloljk
  11. darkcrusader

    Community Minecraft Server!

    Re: Community Minecraft Server! Epic!! Gahh, Minecraft, you've pulled me in again. However, my internet connection is shaky at best, so my participation will be limited. T^T
  12. darkcrusader


    Oops, I meant enemy spawners, in dungeons. But yes, player spawn points too... or I should have built my coliseum around my spawn point.
  13. darkcrusader


    Man... I haven't expanded on my mine in a while... but boy do I want to now! Last time I played I was workin on a stone coliseum to test my skills in battle. Sucks that you can't move spawn points.
  14. darkcrusader

    Ballos antagonist or not?

    That's not the discussion. Also, Ballos is an antagonist, and the Doctor is ultimately the main evil in the game, the bad guy who dominates the story. Ballos is no more an antagonist than Monster X.