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  • I was just reading your conversation with MetaSeraphim, and I don't want you to get the wrong idea about the forums. It's actually not that difficult to have an intelligent discussion, as long as you're persistent. If somebody posts something off-topic, just ignore them and post something on-topic, and usually people will respond to your post instead of the off-topic one, provided the topic is at least somewhat interesting. And the mods/admins aren't THAT bad, though they certainly do have their flaws.
    Yeah, it's kind of sad. The only two sensible admins are inactive and don't do anything for the forums. (SkyeWelse, ShiroFan)
    Thomas (SkyeWelse, Owner of the forums) is sort of at fault for that. Sort of though, it's not really his fault he was busy with college and had no time for the forums to see stuff.
    Oliver = S. P. Gardebiter.

    You can get away with basically anything actually. About the only thing that will get you banned is insulting Oliver.
    Well, it has happened before. I once spammed a member's profile because he wanted me too, then Oliver came in and deleted it all.
    Whatever you want to think about me, I always let people form their own opinions about me since I am apparently "unique" and "different".

    Just in case.

    Chinfish is so badass that when he was killed at the start of the game he went to a higher plane of existence in which he gained all possible powers possible.

    With his new powers he then went back in time and create the CaveStory planet, he then gave birth to Ballos and Jenka and gave them their powers. And gave Ballos the perfect mate to create Misery.

    Afterwards he waited and watched the world until Ballos went mad with power, then he created the Island as we know it and sealed Ballos and let Jenka take the credit while he played the role of an innocent fish in a pond while in secret he was the real thing keeping Ballos sealed and the Island floating in the sky.

    Misery being only one of three people (Ballos, Jenka, Misery) who knew Chinfish's secret went to Chinfish in his pond and asked for a way to use her father's powers and Chinfish told her of a way but she would have to steal one of his eyes. So Misery goes to her father and steals one of his eyes and returns to the Chinfish and he placed the eye into the a Crown and after he was done she started to take the Crown but then he told Misery something he didn't tell her before and that was that she would forever be a slave to the Crown because Chinfish is a jerk like that. But Chinfish not being completely cruel gave Misery a partner in her slavery and made Balrog.

    After all this Chinfish was bored with what was around him, he created humans on the land, but failed to create any on the island, so he took the local rabbits and sped up their evolution 1000 times, and Chinfish was happy. Chinfish then broke off a piece of him and this piece of him quickly became Kanpachi, and he placed Kanpachi to forever guard his pond under the guise of a fisherman.

    After all this Chinfish just waited in his pond since before he even create anything he knew what would happen, so he waited, until the first humans came on the island for the Crown, then he spawned red flowers all over the Island and told the mimigas to eat them, and they did, and they grew powerful and were able to fight the humans back, and there was much damage done to his Island, so he casted out all the humans and all the robots they brought with them, except for two special robots who managed to stay on the Island, the Chinfish knew they were the ones who would break the Crown's curse and Ballos's curse as he was the one who told the human to create them.

    The Chinfish again waited until Quote woke from his slumber and went on his journey, and killed the Chinfish so that the Chinfish may start the cycle all over again, but he split himself into two, one to go to a higher place, and one to take the form of a dog in front of Ballos's chamber to guide Quote to his final mission.

    And that is why Chinfish is awesome.
    Yeah, the staff isn't too bright here.

    Either one really. I might be confusing you, but I dunno how to explain it.
    That's rather boring honestly. Sure it sounds good on paper, but being around a bunch of the same type of people who do the same type of things is annoying.

    Of course, I am more like the people on this for than you perceive. For the most part at least.
    I am just wondering why you're making a deal out of it because I apparently don't belong.

    Is it simply because you look for appreciation and meaning in a forum?
    No, not to death. And for me it was more like. Play the game, have Curly died, beat game, find out I could save Curly, start over, beat the game again.

    And more importantly, why do you care so much why I stay on this forum?
    I am understanding you perfectly, not sure why you think I don't. Do people commonly misunderstand what you try and say?

    And about the appreciation thing, I don't really care either way. Appreciation is not something I desire or expect from people on this forum.
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