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    Translation Discussion

    Something I noticed that was interesting: In the original CS, the description for Nene is "Jenka's pet. Spends most of her time asleep, but her dreams have been known to portend the future." In CS Wii, there is no mention of her dreams portending the future. Why take out this curious description?
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    Cave Story Officially RELEASED for WiiWare

    Is anyone else excited about the Nigoro partnership?
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    Cave Story T-Shirts

    From Kotaku: So, what do you guys think?
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    Cave Story Officially RELEASED for WiiWare

    Kotaku's got some Cave Story goodness today:
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    Rare games/consoles/handhelds/gaming related stuff that you own

    Not that I own this, but here's one that my roommate's got: Mint-condition sealed games are rare!
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    Entity in front of Quote?

    I couldn't seem to find anything... if you're referring to this conversation, I don't think that's exactly what I'm looking for. EDIT: I'll keep trying and let y'all know what I come up with.
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    Entity in front of Quote?

    I'm trying to make it so that a specific entity appears in front of Quote; that is, you should be able to walk behind it as if it was a tile in the foreground. Anyone have an idea of how to make this work? Thanks!
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    Larger screen size

    No. That's not a screenshot, rather an image compiled using various Cave Story graphics.
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    No need to hack the game... just talk to all the Mimiga children and Sue in the previous room, then try again.
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    Curly and the nemesis

    Oh I know! It's from the weapon descriptions :D
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    Videogame Myths and Urban Legends

    Here's another one: About 2 years ago, someone posted a video on Digg showing how you could play as Master Hand in Super Smash Bros for N64. People were so willing to believe it was real that made the front page with over 1400 diggs. Being an avid SSB64 player, I immediately tried it (about 10...
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    Videogame Myths and Urban Legends

    How about playing as or seeing Luigi in Super Mario 64? There used to be a myth that it was possible if you ran around the fountain 64 million times or beat the game without saving (etc).
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    Cave Story on Windows 7 (Beta)

    Cave Story runs for me, but is very choppy and slow (32-bit Windows 7 beta). I wonder why the deluxe version worked? I'm downloading right now to test it, but shouldn't it be exactly the same as just the English patched version? EDIT: Deluxe version has the same problem. As does Ikachan...
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    New Style Template for MiraiGamer Forums

    Good work! It looks really good :D
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    could somebody...

    Yes. Yes you could.