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  • Is it bad that somebody's avatar effects how I think of them?
    for instance, you. I think your a lot cooler now then I did then.

    I bet it is bad, isn't it.
    I'M SORRY!
    lol who HASN'T heard of madness? They must be sad, sad souls.

    Yeah madness is like old news, I'm pretty sure about that.
    Copy/Paste your old post, post it on the corresponding thread, then delete your old post. No real magic way to do it :S.
    Man, I'm watching it RIGHT NOW.

    What, you've never seen FLCL? The best show ever? REALLY? Aww, man, you're missing out. It's a good idea, good writing, good art, and there's only six episodes, so they cut out all of the bullshit. The dubs are even really good.
    you know you said you could do some face pics?
    Woould really apreciate it at the moment,
    I have kicked the community project off so download the demo, there is already a face pic of Ted (the Main Character) so just see if you can make a new face pic for him. Only if you want to and have the time though. Thanks a lot

    P.s you are in my signature along with wedge of cheese
    Well that happens by pressing reload on a user profile a lot of times.
    Hi hope your doing ok just wanted to pop by and say hi!
    well send a reply if you get a chance. Thanks mate
    I have had an attempt to make a remix of "quite" didnt go exactly perferct its crap lol but uploading it and ill send a link on the cs remix prject 2 thread
    Take a look at the remix projct thread for what i asked wedge of cheese to make next. Thanks
    Great >:D

    Take your time with them, I'm going to get something to eat now. Enjoy :)
    Alright, how about a little test then? Choose to do King's face in either one of these expressions:
    1) The horror of seeing your best friend smeared across the pavement while you watch they greyhound bus that just hit him drive steadily towards the horizon.
    2) The mixture of anger and sadistic satisfaction that comes with realizing that you know who drives that bus.

    and you know where they live...

    However, since I'm under the impression you are not dark and twisted, I guess I can give you the third option of drawing a green crystalline structure that could function as a sprite for a one-square spike tile, either attatched to a wall or suspended from the background.
    So you would like to help me? :D
    What kind of work do you do? Large-scale like backgrounds, or small-scale like sprites?
    You are a master of the obscure, Cyowolf.
    I had to read like 500 strips in to find that... and then I could not stop myself from reading the other 500 left
    Eh? no cookie for me :(
    Although you have piqued my curiosity...
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