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    What Do You Play Games On

    game Boy
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    cave story lore explained half life and portal takes place in the cave story universe

    Is there any proof for the HECU being a completely different team of soldiers? Also Combine don't employ humans, they have humanoid species in their forces but not humans outright. Personally I think this theory has legs, I don't think you're putting enough thought into it.
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    Show off your org music...

    Dippy: this is great! super faithful. Boost that bass a bit, it gets totally lost through my speakers, even with a subwoofer. Been working on a few things, y'all. Sometimes it's fun to come back to what you know. I'm still pretty bad at writing percussion, so I did two short loops to work on...
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    What your favorite game that pixel made ?

    JiL-JiL for life babey
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    how do you find time to do stuff

    A lot of people are giving you joke answers. In all seriousness, my best advice is to better understand how humans deal with time to maintain productivity. This website helped me immensely when I was struggling to accomplish anything with my free time. Hope this helps.
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    Pixel Art Collab

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    goosebumps, man. I think you're really on to something.
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    Youtube General

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    Full Cave Story Script (WIP)

    Bless you for using the Aeon Genesis translation. The scripts will diverge intensely after you choose to save booster or not. That would probably be a difficult thing to keep afloat in a single document.
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    Using Organya's Detune Function to Account for Equal Tempered Tuning

    Abstract Typically the detune effect found in the Org Maker program is used for subtractive synthesis, a means for creating a more complex sound with two slightly out of tune notes played in unison. I was curious if the function could also be used to properly tune notes in a single chord song to...
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    shouldn't it be "bang you ON every furniture?"

    shouldn't it be "bang you ON every furniture?"
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    Let’s Face it, the Mac version is the best freeware version.

    Alright y'all it's time for some Mac knowledge. What Yoshipilot is referring to is the fact that programs are presented entirely differently in macOS. macOS executables and the supporting files are all bundled into a single package, using the .app file extension which is normally hidden from the...
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    Be bold, my guy

    Be bold, my guy
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    I love you.

    I somehow got an email notification for this. I haven't posted in literal years, but I love all you guys. My time here means a lot to me still! Hope you're all having fun, wherever you are. -Ellis