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  • Buzz me tomorrow, I got homework.
    It's just a matter of screwing with the pointers tho.
    Here's a list for the values.

    <ANPx:y:z Animate NPc Animate entity X with value Y in direction Z

    X refers to the entity's event number (which can be edited in the map). How it can be animated depends on it's type (what it is) and generally most animations can be found in the ANP.txt I linked to you. Technically all of the npcs have animations, since the animation is simply a change in the entity's internal script state. But most of the useful ones are in there.

    If you wanted to animate an npc with event value XXXX, for like 16 ticks and only 16 ticks, in direction 2 (0 = left, 2 = right, I think those are the values) with animation YYYY, you would use...
    Generally the 0 value will cancel all animations for every type of npc.
    If you could go into more detail as to what you need help with with the "animation" of sprites, I could help you.
    Well you're in luck, since LONG ago I actually attempted to finish this song. I wasn't the best composer back then, but I'd say I did a pretty good job. For good measure, I spiced it up a bit/tweaked it a bit for you, it isn't incredibly long but it's good enough.
    I guess I'll sign up to hear about this project. The music one, that is.

    I'm pretty good at that. (although don't expect anything to get done for at least 2 hours, I'm sleepy and probably going to take a nap).
    Well, yeah, that's simple.
    Just have some event check to see if the person's wearing/holding the mask, and if so, jump to another event that changes the weapons.
    Item flags/Weapon flags work exactly like normal Flags, except On is when the character has them, and Off is when they don't.
    Urgh so many choices! Let's see... The top one is a bit too dark and hides the blue a bit... Hmm... I'd say the green works best I'll put it in the face.pbm in a bit. Thanks for all the help I would never have been able to do this :)

    The blue for the background was too close to the colour I wanted for the antennae, so I tried a couple different ones.
    Like I said: This section is only for ideas, not for mod development threads o:
    If you want a mod thread then you should get either a screenshot or a demo or making enough music for it or you should make some images of concept art.
    So how is this second one you wanted supposed to look again?
    You mentioned patchwork like the wall in jenka's house, but what about personality-like
    You could also use CE's graphics editor thingy and add the colour with that.
    Black = transparent
    the face file is a 256 colour bitmap anyway, and the thing only uses like half of them, so just make a colour black that's slightly not black. Paint.NET would automatically optimize the pallete..
    After seeing that intense battle over making a mod ideas thread, I sent SP a message asking to have my mod development thread unlocked and move it.
    It works. Might I ask, what program are you using for the graphics - MS Paint? If I recall, it's not extremely efficient with limited colour bitmaps. I'd recommend Paint.NET, which although it won't let you save with 16-colour it does a great job with 256. Anyway, loss of colour information aside, I just made a few tiny tweaks using the available colours.

    I must admit, it WAS rather grey before.
    Changing the velocity check to 0 would work, as would changing the accelleration. The only thing is these would, of course, be floating things. Also, you'd have to find the check that tells it to kill them after so many frames and edit that. I think I might have had it earlier when I was playing with the numbers, so if you need that I could probably find it again.
    Alright, found it. This is why I don't like Weapon hacks - the code doesn't follow any logic or convention. Anyway, for some reason when the bullet is initialized at around 405879, it's accelleration of 80 seems to get put into [+34], which according to the list should be frame ID but whatever. Further down, at 4059a7 are a bunch of 0a00 things, those are the maximum velocity checks - it'll have to be the same max velocity for all three levels.

    I only tested with the level one missle which is controlled by 40589d, though I expect the 80, 40 and 33 above are for level three since it fires three missles that go at different speeds. I'm not sure about level 2, it could be controlled by the same thing as level 1, it may be handled by something entirely different.

    Here's two variations on the eye colour - intense blue like curly and regular black.
    Well they are very blue. If you wanted you could change them to be the same colour as the top bit since that's how it was originally.
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