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    Is there any reason why Sue doesn't wear any pants?

    It's strange. The unused Human Sue sprite at the top right of NpcMiza actually shows her wearing trousers and shoes, so it seems like Pixel specifically didn't give her any in the credits sprite. Meanwhile, when Itoh transforms back, he materialises a pair of blue shoes... then again, his entire...
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    I still don't see what the problem is. Even if there was an issue with having forks lying around, you don't have to fork the repo to use it.
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    Here's v1.1 of the Enhanced branch. Changes include improved font rendering and removal of the arbitrary sprite alignment. The font improvement fixes the ugly outlines you'd see around text in the original game and the main version of CSE2: Original: Enhanced:
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    Booster's Lab - It's Pretty Good Now

    This was fixed a while ago. It's just there hasn't been a release since. Once it is released though, CSE2E support will be broken.
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    Worst part about Cave Story?

    Sand Zone.
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    Speaking of inaccuracy, I guess I should announce the enhanced branch of CSE2. Right now it contains: PNG support Alpha blending support Booster's Lab support (stage.tbl) 60FPS Widescreen Vastly-improved fullscreen Automatic vsync (only enables on 60hz monitors) All resource files moved to the...
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    Whoa, we're not at ASM-accuracy yet. We're still trying to get the code exactly how it was originally, and fix outright errors made during decompilation.
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    But the sound effects aren't in their own folder...? They're in the EXE just like the original. And, again, CSE2's goal is accuracy, so splitting all the files and completely switching to CS+'s stage.tbl format is out of the question. That's a job for the 'community-maintained mod base' I...
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    A better question would be how long until Booster's Lab gets this-functionality.
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    Damn. Guess we missed one. It's probably just that __cdecl. It shouldn't be there.
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    CSE2 (Cave Story Engine 2) is a decompilation of Cave Story made by me and Cucky, with an emphasis on accuracy to the original code. Through a combination of machine-conversion and by-hand translation, we've broken the original 2004 EXE back down to a recreation of its original C/C++ source...
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    Just gonna leave this here.

    Well now we know why Toroko ran.
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    Graphics Enhancement Pack

    v1.5.2 Unfortunately, nothing's new except a fix for the scrolling-cloud backgrounds not being affected by the 'remove_sprite_alignment' setting. I've also added an option, 'simple_cloud_background', that disables the fancy background tiling used in widescreen, for compatibility with certain mods.
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    DLL Mod Loader + Alternate music mod

    v1.5.2 A lot of under-the-hood stuff's been done to the music DLL. Internally, now it has a full-blown sound mixer, so adding support for 'ogg SFX' in the future should be easy. I've also swapped out libopenmpt and libogg/libvorbis/libvorbisfile for the less-heavy libxmp-lite and stb_vorbis...
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    Graphics Enhancement Pack

    v1.5.1's been released, but all it does for the graphics_enhancement DLL is fix a bug in the credits.