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    Heh, yeah I've been meaning to set it back to 100%. It looks like the CS+ soundtracks are just really loud. That requires dividing the 'magnification' variable by 2 or 10 in a couple of places. But right now this causes a problem where the game crashes if you play at a resolution smaller than...
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    I've been hacking the old Mega Drive Sonic the Hedgehog games since 2012, and it sure wasn't because I liked limitations. If that were the case, I wouldn't be making Sonic hacks: I'd be writing homebrew. The reason I chose Sonic hacks over using a PC fanengine (or Mania... which I guess is also...
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    Criticising someone for having a 'holier than thou' attitude is completely different to criticising someone for having an opinion. Heck, if someone needlessly acts like the authority on something, they're the one devaluing other people's opinions as less important than theirs. Not to point...
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    Here's v1.2 of the enhanced branch. Added support for Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, .it, .xm, .mod, .s3m, and PxTone music and SFX Switched from stage.tbl to mrmap.bin, fixing compatibility with Booster's Lab v0.5.1.0 Added a DoConfig tool (clone, not a decompilation yet) Accuracy improvements from base...
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    CMake support was added on April 9, and built-in depedencies were added on April 26.
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    How come you're building libxmp-lite separately? The repo has a copy of 4.4's code (patched to build properly), and the CMake setup compiles it straight into the EXE.
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    For the record, I've heard the 'you're ruining modding' thing before: Dunc said the same thing about my DLL loader.
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    Here's v1.1 of regular CSE2. The EXEs are 32-bit, and should be compatible with Windows XP. The code's about as accurate as I can get it before restoring the original DirectSound/DirectDraw/WinAPI code. A lot of subtle behaviour inaccuracies have been weeded out along the way. CSE2 also now...
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    Official or Unofficial Studio Pixel Discord

    Just because people are commenting on the server doesn't mean they're 'taking it away' from him, damn...
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    Is Quote slow, or is everybody else in CS just really fast?

    Honestly, Sue impatiently asking why Quote's taking so long to leave the Egg Corridor seems pretty convincing to me that he is actually slow, in-universe.
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    Is there any reason why Sue doesn't wear any pants?

    It's strange. The unused Human Sue sprite at the top right of NpcMiza actually shows her wearing trousers and shoes, so it seems like Pixel specifically didn't give her any in the credits sprite. Meanwhile, when Itoh transforms back, he materialises a pair of blue shoes... then again, his entire...
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    I still don't see what the problem is. Even if there was an issue with having forks lying around, you don't have to fork the repo to use it.
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    Here's v1.1 of the Enhanced branch. Changes include improved font rendering and removal of the arbitrary sprite alignment. The font improvement fixes the ugly outlines you'd see around text in the original game and the main version of CSE2: Original: Enhanced:
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    Booster's Lab - It's Pretty Good Now

    This was fixed a while ago. It's just there hasn't been a release since. Once it is released though, CSE2E support will be broken.
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    Worst part about Cave Story?

    Sand Zone.