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    Fastest Possible Ballos Time

    Just a random lurker, but that's definitely not "fastest possible." Humanly possible maybe. I'm pretty sure nobody has made a Hell only TAS yet, but nitsuja's full game TAS that used machine gun, fireball, super missiles and blade at 6 HP managed to get 2'04"1. The author even mentioned a...
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    Regarding 60fps.

    Again, I'm saying that it'd be at least a bit easier to implement, not that it'd improve your gameplay experience anymore than 60fps would. "100fps Cave Story" was never the point of the thread though. I suggested making a 60fps CS while retaining the timing of freeware 50fps CS, and it's idea...
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    Regarding 60fps.

    I mean something like. If in 50fps, Quote's position in the first 5 frames are like this: 1 - 3 - 5 - 7 - 9 And I were to make an 100fps mod, I'll only have to make it like this: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 In a 60fps mod, it'll look like: 1 - 2.6 - 4.2 - 5.8 - 7.4 - 9 Well looking at...
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    Regarding 60fps.

    The ones whom I suggested would receive some benefits from a 100fps hack are the ones who would make said hack. If I'm correct, then the codes inside Cave Story dictate how each entities move in a single frame. So to make a 60fps mod with the timing of the original 50fps game, you'd have to...
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    Regarding 60fps.

    My assumption is that since the game runs at 100fps, you'll see whatever your monitor's refresh rate is (if it's less than 100)? So for someone with a 60Hz monitor they would be playing/seeing it in 60fps.
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    Regarding 60fps.

    Still, even if my theory falls completely flat. I'm willing to bet there are a lot of fans who prefers how the freeware version felt, so a "60fps while retaining the floatiness" mod should still be a good idea? In fact an 100fps mod is even easier to implement, you won't have to redo the entire...
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    Regarding 60fps.

    Since Cave Story runs natively at 50fps, everybody wants a 60fps CS. So Nicalis did that, with their CS+ and CS3D. And then we did that with the freeware version through modding. But from what I've seen all this does is speeding up the game by 20%. From an interview with Pixel, he said this...
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    Iron Bond - English Version

    While I don't have much criticism to add other than I'm currently stuck at Booster's fetch game and I don't quite know where to go since the game isn't being very clear about that. I do however have to point out a small Whimsical Star graphic error. The midsize star has 2 brown pixels at its...
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    RaveStory 2

    Uh sorry if this is a little late but Can anybody tell me what game does the "Haunt" track come from? Is it an original composition for RaveStory 2?
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    It makes me happy that there actually are people who know this game
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    Cave Story Machinima Thread

    This is "PrettyAwesome" I especially love the music, it remind me of... something that I still can't recall 1 question though, is the sprite used for Kazume 1x resolution? Cause it look weird compare to Quote sprites
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    Cave Story 3DS weapons icon?

    I really like CS 3DS weapons icon for some reasons and wanted to remake those in 2D (sprites) and add it to CS+ for personal use. But 'cause the lack of screenshoots that game have so... I just wondering are there any sprites ripping or more screenshoots (or just remake sprites itself that...