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    why tho
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    Infinite Booster and 255 Health Sacred Grounds Time

    1'58 is the time i got. Is this good?
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    LISA: The Painful Overview

    oof just saw some typos
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    LISA: The Painful Overview

    this is gonna be terrible so be warned. if you do not want spoilers, dont click on the spoilers. the story. Lisa is a surreal game that takes place in a post apocalyptic suburb named Olathe (oh-lah-they) You play as a guy named Brad who has undergone many types of abuse from his...
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    Help Installing Booster's Lab

    how do you even load maps? i load from cave story (deluxe) but it wont even load, just errors. is that a fault of deluxe?
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    What the heck is Balrog?

    balrog is
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    ive seen tails' animations and they're great. (btw I'm the storyboard artist of this series)
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    How to make a cave story game in Gamemaker?

    make Metroid except with quote huzzah your done
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