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    We still here

    Still here after about eight years and counting. :)
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    Erockbrox's Zelda3C Thread

    It's getting rather surreal to think that I started following this project back in about 8th grade, followed it through high school, am now over halfway through my undergraduate degree, and anticipate continuing to follow it well into the future. At this point, I'm willing to wait as long as it...
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    gm, that dam looks bleeping AMAZING!!

    Indeed; nice work, GM!
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    Reshaper256's Thread of Stuff Going

    Indeed. Such a tease... ;)
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    brainstorming thread until next update

    Ha! A release date... Ahh, that's a good one. ;) Anywho, would it be possible integrate more (or new) "friendly" monsters? Like the shiny bee was in the original? I always thought that was a good idea, except that a bee is kind of a lame partner to have. Also, hi. I've been following the...