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  1. Blue Screen

    Why does Quote wake up in the Start Point?

    Well, looks like we forgot about old man Booster. If we talk to good ol' Booster if we jump down to him (save before you do that, that leads to the normal ending...) he says that "you were teleported to near the heart of the island" before expiring and giving you his Booster 0.8.
  2. Blue Screen

    Why does the demon crown have a red eye?

    The Red Eye in the Demon Crown is obviously the link to Ballos, if you forgot about his shirt, but also the red eye he has, probably.
  3. Blue Screen

    Kazuma Knew Quote Before Cave Story?

    Kazuma, Professor Booster, Sue, and King were in Arthur's House when the time came before Quote went to the Sand Zone to destroy the flowers, and Prof. Booster explians the situation, where he tells everybody in the room that Quote is a armed-recon robot sent to the island 10 years ago, then...