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  • Prepare to be amazed!
    I assure you I intend to slap some cat/bunny ears on Misery partway through.
    [QUOTE]Right after the Doc was dead and before he got back as the Undead Core? Way too long gap for her to snap back into reality[/QUOTE]
    That doesn't make any sense.
    And she knew the core was holding up the island, so that's another reason why. She was desperate.
    [QUOTE]Awww X3 Making the [B][COLOR="Red"]bad girl[/COLOR][/B] cute, you trick[/QUOTE]
    How could you say something like that? Misery is the most innocent girl there is!
    Uh you know, until she messes with Ballos and starts doing bad things.
    Also thank you for the compliment!
    No idea who/where the original artist/picture is, but it cracks me up every time I look at it. xP
    That's cool. But I'm not planning on releasing a new demo very soon. My next demo will probably include at least the Halda chapter, and maybe the Annachponae chapter as well. didn't just play through half the published game just to see prince, did you? 0.o
    But yes, I did, but not the head. Cripple made the head, I added the features.
    Just recently became one, actually! I seem to have taken the identity of one of my mimiga characters in [URL=""]Misery Story[/URL], my in-progress mod.
    Well you just looked so lonely over here.

    Wait, "thank you" notes? Who's dA? I'm confused...:confused:
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