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    Chocolate Sunday Demo

    Thanks for all the feedback. I've taken note, and I'll release a patched demo with bugfixes soon.
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    Chocolate Sunday Demo

    Okay. Thanks for pointing out these bugs. I'll fix them when I get the time. And don't be afraid to point out stuff like Misery calling her "Miss Brace". I do listen to feedback. I'll look at how it fits when I go back and start adding in the later chapters of the mod.
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    Chocolate Sunday Demo

    Those two non-solid blocks are a bug. Combat is problematic. I'm strongly against adding in combat for the sake of having it - I think it's poor game design. While the mod has a pistol, there's no use for it beyond shooting blocks at this point. If I can find a plot-related justification for...
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    Chocolate Sunday Demo

    Yes, the mod will have multiple endings in the final version. There is a pistol in the demo, but it's a bit hidden. I'm going to try to fix the somewhat barren atmosphere with more NPCs. Music is trickier, but I'll do what I can. Has anyone played the PSP version? I ask because the mod was...
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    Chocolate Sunday Demo

    Well, I'm glad you liked it. There is a lot of stuff going on the background. It's somewhat influenced by the design of Majora's Mask. The lack of music was both a practical decision, since I was unhappy with the way Cave Story's music fit with the storyline, and also partly inspired by the...
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    how did curly get to hell and why was she at the door?

    You do have to consider she was with Cthulhu.
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    Well, released Chocolate Sunday. 10 downloads so far. Didn't work so well as an April Fool's...

    Well, released Chocolate Sunday. 10 downloads so far. Didn't work so well as an April Fool's joke, but that's not important.
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    What Would You Do To The Person Above You

    Tell him that he can't have tree fitty, and put that roast beef behind spirit-proof glass.
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    Toroko Story v.0.1

    April Fool's or Easter? If the latter, be warned. HE'S GONNA GETCHA. On a more serious note, please fix the broken links as soon as possible.
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    Toroko Story v.0.1

    This was packed wrong, dude... the entire game data folder seems to be missing. I know it must be awkward for you, but just pack the whole game folder inside a zip, rar, or 7z file, and upload that. Then use the 'copy link' tab in mediafire to get the pasting link.
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    Chocolate Sunday Demo

    That's what happens when you discover you don't have clearance for some character art so you have to rewrite large chunks of the entro and demo ending days before release. Think carefully about Chaba's instructions, think carefully about the destination of that teleporter, think very carefully...
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    Chocolate Sunday Demo

    Chocolate Sunday is my new Cave Story mod for PC and PSP with a heavy focus on story, player choices, and exploration. This demo covers the first 1\3 or so of the finished mod. I hope you enjoy it. I also hope I managed to squash the worst of the bugs. Dowload Demo 1.0 (Windows and PSP...
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    Reading Orson Scott Card's work has opened my eyes. I immediately started rewriting my mod's...

    Reading Orson Scott Card's work has opened my eyes. I immediately started rewriting my mod's script. Less smug, more honesty.
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    Let's Play Dangan Ronpa!

    I believe the fan translation project for this game will be finished soon, possibly sometime this year. The fan translators finished translating the demo a few months back, and I loved every second of it. I was genuinely surprised to see someone else mention this game, especially on these...
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    CIS privilege, Feminism, The Patriarchy, Rape Culture.

    Problem solved: Step 1: Stop raping people. Step 2: Accept the body you were born with. Step 3: Complain less. Step 4: Follow the golden rule. Step 5: ???? Step 6: PROFIT!!!