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    Your favorite quote (saying) in CS

    "Huzzah!" Is the first that comes to mind, there are other good ones, but I'm to lazy to think about them.
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    Best Boss

    There's a fine line between being modest, and being insulting, and you just crossed it. :rolleyes:
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    Is it Possible to trick the game into thinking MP3 as an Org?

    The reason it's not possible, is the nature of the two formats. Org is like sheet music, that's why it's editable. The game reads the notes that the file is composed of, and translates them into the sequenced beeps and blips that make up the music in Cave Story. MP3s, on the other hand, are the...
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    Best Boss

    After about 20 attempts of non stop boss rush, the only boss I have any trouble with anymore is Ballos. I like fighting the Core/Undead Core, they both get different than usual boss music, and are full of epicness.
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    Tribute Site Update: Midi

    Well, the smallest was 250KB... :( Ah, oh well, the midis just don't sound as good, but I guess they're good enough.
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    Tribute Site Update: Midi

    Or the MP3s, they sound exactly like the originals, and most of the CS MP3s are pretty small.
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    Having a bit of trouble

    Had the same problem as you, I just went back and talked to everyone in the clinic again, then it worked. EDIT: Again, should have read the previous posts... Glad you got it working. :o
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    OMG we have a photo of Pixel!!!

    I don't like pictures of me on the internet either. There are pictures of me on the internet, but I didn't put them there, and I won't say they're of me, nor is there any way you could link them to any of my profiles on any sites, so I'm good. (That's right, I don't have a myspace.) Would be...
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    Heard of Platform Racer 2?

    So put it all in speed. :D
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    Heard of Platform Racer 2? Cool, but what should we search for to find it? Also, my in game name is Nighthawk170, anyone here who plays can feel free to add me. :D
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    Sacred ground entry?

    That's not bad for your first playthrough, mine was almost eight minutes. :p
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    Monster X

    I had a really hard time with Monster X on my first time through, but now that I have an idea on how to do it it's much easier. Level 2 Blade is your best friend in this battle, it clears the four things in the first half of the battle fast while still deflecting most of the attacks fired at...
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    Epic Failure

    So the other day I was playing that Boss Rush Mod, and I was doing good, so I thought, "Hey, why don't I record my next run and see if I can beat non-stop mode!" So I did, and guess what...? I got all the way to Ballos' last form, all I had to do was jump up and fire the missiles... And I messed...
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    Cave Story Officially RELEASED for WiiWare

    Yeah, I was pretty surprised to hear about this, but it's great news. This should get Cave Story some good recognition, and I can't wait to see what that additional content is going to be. And yes, Cave Story characters in the next SSB would be awesome, doubt it'd happen, but still... I've...