Sent by the Mystery Man to scout out Clone Cat Corp.

Strong Arm Nixod spots him while on his way to get coffee.

"Hey, would you mind moving? You're in the middle of the sidewalk. Come to think of it, who are you anyway? You're not one of the 14 experiment Nixods..."

"I have not been instructed to respond. Only to observe."

"What are you observing exactly?"

"I have been instructed to observe the behaviors of the "experiment" and "god" Nixods, and to kill them if they do something undesirable."

"Excuse me? Sorry buddy, but that's my job. What even are you anyway? You seem to be dripping something... You look pretty weak as well. How do you expect to kill one of those so-called gods?"

"I have not been instructed to respond. Only to observe."

"Well then I guess I'll have to beat it out of ya'. You either tell me who sent you- or you're gonna have ta' be replaced!"

"So be it."
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