The Mystery Man

The Mystery Man

A cloaked shadow wrapped in an enigma. Wielding the Cotton Candy Staff and Noxid's original 3D glasses, he should have already taken over the Earth long ago. But I think he was waiting for something. Something big. And now's the time to test the waters.

"Gemini!", he yells across the long hallway in front of his throne.

"I think it's time to being operation 1132988482181004796 Alpha-B. Of all the observed 96 trillion possible futures, we seem to have landed ourselves exactly on number 46,783,125,397. Our luck is immeasurable. I've already taken the correct precautions and the future is sealed. If we don't act now, those so-called gods may reach a level beyond our control. And send in the wax too- copy 14499. If my predictions are right, which they are, we won't just have the Earth. We'll have the universe and everything beyond."

"Affirmative.", a metallic voice responds from above.
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