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Tall Nixod was sitting at his desk at Clone Cat Corp. when Giant Nixod was born. His creation destroyed the entirety of their B. Lab, which was connected to the electrical circuits. Tall Nixod's computer began to malfunction, and in an effort to fix it, Bit Nixod attempted to sacrifice himself to reboot the system. Tall Nixod saw this, and tried to prevent it with administrator permissions, but in the end, both of them were electrocuted at once. Somehow, their emotions and DNA linked together via RNEP, and the two fused into Cyborg. Cyborg is by far one of the strongest Nixods thus far, with his replica of the Eternity Claw, along with an upgraded Forever Cannon on his arm. Capable of analyzing situations and making decisions at a speed faster than any known life form or computer, he's gonna be pretty hard to take down in a fight.

@Noxid, watching from a street corner below and sipping his McDonald's milkshake, shook his head and began to question the point of living.

This fusion turned out way better than I initially envisioned. You can really see Nixod C's assets shining through along with Tall Nixod's.
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