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Who is Misery's father?

24 January 2012 - 04:43 PM

We know Jenka,her mother. We know Ballos,her uncle. WHO WAS HER FATHER?!

Cave story hurt and heal remake.

24 January 2012 - 02:48 AM

This is a remake of Cave Story Hurt and Heal.
I wanted to remake it for the first has died.
You can hurt someone and heal someone or double hurt one character once per post. No double healing.
Each character starts with 10 HP.
You must wait until two people have posted after you to post again. You cant hurt two characters. you can only hurt one and heal one. If one dies,they may be revived,but they must be healed.

Quote 10
Curly Brace 10
Balrog 10
Misery 11
Momorin Sakamoto 10
Kazuma Sakamoto 10
Sue Sakamoto 10
The Doctor 9
Professor Booster 10
King 10
Itoh 10
Toroko 10
Jack 10
Jenka 10
Ballos 10
Igor 10
Dr Gero 10
Chie 10
Zett 10
Megane 10
Kanpachi 10
Mahin 10
Santa 10
Hermit Gunsmith 10
Sandaime 10
Chaco 10
Malco 10
Chaba 10
Nurse Hasumi 10
The Littles 10
Cthulthu 10
Numahachi 10
Ma Pignon 10
Jenka's Dogs 10
Critters 10
Bats 9
Chinfish 10
Gravekeeper 10
Basil 10
Gaudi 10
Night Spirit 10
Omega 10
Monster X 10
The Core 10
The Sisters 10
Ironhead 10
Heavy Press 10
Puu black 11
all credit goes to Shimmyzmizz.

I hug misery. +1
I smack the docter upside the head. -1

A sandbox.

20 January 2012 - 02:46 AM

A lot of new users need a Sandbox,they need to learn how to use sertan things like Quotes, sigs, and the youtube thing.
a know for a fact that new users wont be like "H3y.h0w i d0 diz?" if we were to add a Sandbox. or heck,just a topic that can be freely spammed and the posts dont count. If this is alredy implamanted and im just blind,feel free to lock this.but post a response that tells me where the sandbox/spam topic is. Thanks,this madman is out.

"GOOD FREAKING DAY TO YOU!" "Stop eating the purple flowers!"

What happens if Q/C eats a red flower?

20 January 2012 - 01:57 AM

Alright,the reson this crosses my mind is this-Curly CAN eat. she ate ma pition,there for they eat,or have false digestive tracks. so,what happens if they eat a red flower? if this is a repost,i am sorry and will try to get this locked immediately. fanart of craized Q/Curly is wolcome.